Term and Condition

All application and visa request will be accept only with the service request by hard copies or through E-mail by the authorize person from the companies.

Skyline Visa will not taking any responsibility if any Embassies or High Commission will change their information related to their processing time, requirements, visa fee etc. without the notification to Skyline Visa.

Skyline Visa will use their best efforts to advise customers in order to submit applications in accordance with their understanding of the relevant consular requirements and cannot be held liable or responsible, under any circumstances, for such information supplied, advice given or service performed in good faith. The embassy, consular fees disbursed may differ from the amounts expected and are charged at cost.

Skyline Visa does not control and therefore cannot guarantee the time required or taken by consular or other authorities to consider and process applications.

No liability can attach to Skyline Visa for any decision, act, default, error, omission, misinterpretation, loss, damage, miss-delivery or delay on the part of any government, embassy or consular authority, chamber of commerce, notary public, solicitor or translation service etc.

No liability can attach to Skyline Visa for any loss, damage, miss-delivery or delay on the part of any of the courier / Cargo Company and Airlines.

The provision of a complete and correct application together with the required supporting documents, evidence, authority or information is the sole responsibility of the customer. Skyline Visa reserve the right to withhold lodgment of an application, pending consultation with the customer, if in the opinion of Skyline the application or accompanying documents do not meet the requirements of the relevant authority to support the type of application intending to be made. No liability can attach to Skyline Visa for any delay so caused.

On receipt of completed orders, customers are required to check carefully and satisfy themselves that the documents meet their intended purpose. Before dispatch of documents Skyline Visa undertake a cursory check but the speed of operation and variance of data specified prohibit intensive examination of all quoted details.

Skyline Visa is not a common carrier and is serving in the capacity of agent on behalf of their customers in all situations.

Additional Charges

Additional charges will be applicable apart from the Visa Fee and Service Charges as below.

Pickup and Droop, Airport Pickup and Airport Delivery, DD charges ,photocopy @1 if more than 5 pages

Color print, e-mail print @ 20 at embassy or VFS location in urgent cases, token charges if applicable etc.

All transactions between Skyline Visa and their customers are subject to these Terms and Conditions, which shall be governed by Indian law and be within and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Delhi courts.